Pixely Press is a U.S.-based publisher of printed and digital illustrated books. Pixely Press is a Pixely Media brand. 

Pixely Press

We believe in magic.

And the power of stories to transport us to any time, any place - real or imaginary.

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The unicorn, a traditionally mythical creature, is our hero. The most magical of all animals, the unicorn symbolizes our dreams, hopes and wishes. We celebrate the unicorn for representing a world of infinite possibilities and being completely one-of-a-kind.


Every Pixely story has a magical underpinning. Whether the protagonist is an underdog, crowd favorite, self-doubter, or rock star, she will journey through an out-of-this world adventure to arrive at her destination. This keeps our characters thinking beyond the norm, igniting their creativity in ways never before experienced.


In a world where digital prevails, we strive to place storytelling at the helm of every experience. No matter the medium, our stories are always compelling, engaging, inspiring and fun. Books and technology can deliver this in many interesting ways, so we embrace the new world and all of its possibilities to open up new worlds to your family.